2008 Update

Arrivals & Departures

I arrived in Paris December 27 to spend two weeks on my own. No breathless itinerary. No one to show the sights. I rented an apartment near rue des Martyrs. I was in Paris to write and to enjoy being a resident of my favorite city. What a way to start the new year!

My cousins, Cindy, Larry, Cathy, and Regina hosted a gala in honor of Aunt Will’s 75th birthday. Recovering from a brain aneurysm that nearly cost her life, Aunt Will rallied for the celebration smiling and beautiful as ever. Children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, and friends gathered to offer happy birthday wishes.

2008 was a banner year for the yuccas!

Mike, Joni, and I left for Johannesburg, South Africa on June 8 to join Overseas Adventure Travel’s Ultimate Africa: 16 days on safari in Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. We visited Chobe National Forest, the Caprivi Strip, Okavango Delta, Hwange National Park, and Victoria Falls. We extended our trip for five days to tour Cape town and the Cape of Good Hope. It was truly an ultimate travel adventure. I shot over 1,200 photos. Here are just a few.

Aunt will was in a coma. August 23, Mike, Joni, Gaynl, and I drove to Redding to see her for the last time. Children, grandchildren, nephews, and nieces gathered around her to say “good-bye,” each in his or her own way. The last of the four sisters to leave us, Aunt Will died five days later on August 28.

I took a travel photography workshop with Chuck Place at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. On Saturday mornings, the Santa Barbara Farmers’ Market is the place to be for a photographer. The Farmers’ Market has it all: color, pattern, light, people.

Because of all of the recent 60th birthday surprise parties in the family, Joni knew she could not pull off a surprise for Mike’s 60th birthday. So, she decided on a surprise 59th birthday celebration. It was a great surprise and a grand party.

Halloween with Harriet, Don, and Dori in Atascadero. A dark and stormy night was the perfect setting for Don’s eerie reading “The Cask of the Amontillado.”

November 7, my friend, Cathy, was sworn in as a Justice of the State Bar Court by the Chief of the California Supreme Court. I was honored to be invited to attend.

Christmas at Mary and Dick’s. The best part of Christmas is grandchildren.